Edamame has been eaten for centuries in Japan. Traditionally, whole pods are blanched and lightly salted, served in a common bowl to be shared with friends. Also Excellent shelled and added to cold or hot pasta dishes or stir-fries. These young, cholesterol-free soybeans are rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber, and vitamins A, B, and C. 'Chiba Green' grows large, dark green pods with a high percent of three-bean pods. Earlier to harvest than most, and well adapted for any growing area.

Variety Information:
• Botanical Name: Glycine max
• Days to Maturity: 60–70 days
• Family: Fabaceae
• Native: Eastern Asia
• Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual
• Plant Dimensions: 24"–30" tall, wide
• Variety Information: 'Chiba Green' is an early-harvest variety that produces large, dark green pods, a high percentage containing three beans. Beans have a nutty, earthy flavor.

Sowing Information:
• When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is at least 65°F, ideally 70°–85°F. Successive Sowings: Every 7 to 14 days up to 80 days before your average first fall frost date. NOTE: In very hot summer areas, skip sowing as high heat approaches; temperatures consistently above 90°F will prevent soybeans from forming.
• When to Start Inside: Not recommended; bean seedlings are sensitive to root disturbance.
• Days to Emerge: 10 days
• Seed Depth: 1"
• Seed Spacing: A group of 2 seeds every 4"
• Row Spacing: 24"
• Thinning: When 1" tall, thin to 1 every 4"

Growing Information:
• Harvesting: To enjoy edamame as a shelling bean, harvest when pods get plump, but are still green; the whole plant may be pulled up. To harvest as a dry soybean, wait about another month, until 90% of the leaves have fallen off, and pods are hard. Pull up the whole plant, hang it in a dry place and allow to completely dry out. Place dried pods in a bag and shake seeds out of pods.

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Edamame Chiba Green Organic

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