Tackle tough tangles and keep your furry friend looking his best with the Vetnique Labs Furbliss Grooming Large Pets with Long Hair, Deshedding, Massaging & Bathing Dog Brush. This multi-purpose groomer de-sheds, removes dander and picks up lint and fur from clothing and furniture gently and easily. Its calming bristles provide a massaging sensation that stimulates the natural production of skin oils and leaves your pampered pup in pure bliss–and your home free of stray tufts of fur! Plus, this brush is engineered to work perfectly on a broad variety of coats and fur types, so it’s safe for use on dogs, cats and even horses.

• 100% medical grade silicone to safely and effectively attract and trap loose fur.
• Can be used on either wet or dry hair, so it’s perfect for bath-time or just for a quick brushing.
• The soft and gentle massaging sensation pampers your pup and stimulates the natural production of nourishing skin oils.
• De-sheds while also removing allergy-causing dander and sebum from coats or furniture.
• Dishwasher and washing machine safe, so you can easily sterilize for easy care and maintenance.

SKU: FBR70003
Furbliss Red Brush for Large Pets with Long Hair

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