Cress lovers celebrate! Also known as creasy greens, cress is high in vitamins A and C, packing a dose of nutrition as well as being delicious. Add to your favorite sandwich or try pairing it with egg and mayonnaise, cream cheese, or avocado on bagels or crackers for the perfect balance of spicy flavor and delectable creaminess.

Variety Information:
• Botanical Name: Barbarea verna
• Days to Maturity: 14–28 days
• Family: Brassicaceae
• Native: Western Asia, Europe
• Hardiness: Frost-tolerant biennial
• Variety Information: Thin, pale green stems with darker green, lobed leaves.

Sowing Information:
• When to Sow Outside: Not recommended. Microgreens are fragile, and outside soil makes them difficult to clean.
• When to Start Inside: RECOMMENDED. Sow indoors any time of year. For a continual crop, sow every 7 to 14 days.
• Days to Emerge: 10–14 days
• Seed Depth: ¼"
• Seed Spacing: ¼"–½"
• Thinning: Not required

Growing Information:
• Harvesting: When seedlings emerge, the first pair of leaves to show are the cotyledons, which can look very different from the leaves that follow, called "true" leaves. Microgreens are ready to harvest when they have cotyledons, or when the first true leaves have begun to form, depending on preference. Cool growing temperatures may slow the expected amount of days to maturity. Using scissors, cut microgreens just above the soil line when you are ready to use them.

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Microgreens Cress Upland

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