Snugglewood Pinion Pine is harvested from the mountains of Southwest United States.
  • Incredible aroma! The aroma of piñon is unmistakable. Often described as relaxing, the fresh smell fills the air around you.
  • Burns clean and lights easily! Lighting easier than hardwoods like oak, piñon burns cleaner with less smoke and less ash to clean up.
  • Repels insects and mosquitoes! Piñon firewood REPELS MOSQUITOES making the back porch an option all year long!

With piñon firewood, fires are not just for those chilly nights but can be enjoyed all year long. Place a few piñon logs in your outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea and watch the mosquitoes and other flying insects disappear. Not only will you get to enjoy your backyard again, but it will smell amazing!

Snugglewood Southwest Pinion Pine Firewood .56 cu ft

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