The Swiss designed furbliss® brush is the most versatile pet brush available. It provides a gentle and calming brushing action that massages your pet and will leave them in pure bliss.

It also desheds, removes sebum & dander, and leaves the coat shiny and healthy. The furbliss® brush is also the perfect brush for bath time and can be used wet or dry. The back side of the furbliss® brush works well to help loosen fur and is also a highly effective tool to remove fur & lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors.

• Deep Cleaning
• Use Wet or Dry, Perfect for Baths
• Stimulates & Nourishes the Coat
• Provides Comforting Massage
• Desheds
• 100% Medical Grade Silicone Attracts Fur
• Dishwasher & Washing Machine Safe.
• Made in USA

SKU: FBB70002
Furbliss Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair

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