Our kiln-dried firewood is a mix of oak, hickory and cherry. It produces a slow even burning fire that lasts longer and burns hotter. Its moisture content is always below 20%, which means it’s ready to burn right away!

Available Sizes:
Rack (Trunk Load) 28in L X 28in W X 16in D
Half Facecord 4ft L X 4ft W X 16in D
Facecord 8ft L X 4ft W X 16in D

Are you are planning on having your firewood delivered?  We also offer a stacking service.  Just let us know where to stack it.  In the garage, on your deck or on the porch.  In addition to your purchase, choose the Stacking Charge option in the drop down box above and we'll take care of the rest.


Firewood Hardwood

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