• Bonide Systemic Insect Control is ready to spray meaning it can be used right away with the "Twist and Shoot" sprayer that carries the contents of the bottle up to 25 feet away or can be turned to a gentle spray for shrubs.
• Although there is some specific fruit (see label) that can be treated with this product, it is not listed for use on vegetables. This pesticide spray is great for protecting outdoor ornamental gardens, shrubs, and trees.
• This product is not meant for termite treatment, and it cannot be used as a carpenter bee killer. It is designed to provide quick, long-lasting systemic bug control against aphids, borers, leafminers, and more.
• Once applied and thoroughly dried, this product will not wash off from rain. Application is only necessary at first sign of insects, before bloom, or after all flower petals have fallen off. Don't apply when plants are flowering.
• Ready to use spray is a quicker process than drenching, and it will rid your home garden of any pest listed on the label. Once it is dried, people and pets can reenter the area.

Bonide Systemic Insect Spray Ready to Spray 32 fl oz

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