The E-Cloth Kitchen Dynamo is designed for a quick clean in and around sinks, taps and stoves. Its scrubbing stripes are ideal for removing tough residue without scratching or damaging the surface, and its extra long fibers help to clean hard to reach areas. It's extra thick, helping it to rapidly absorb spills and remove grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria, using just water. Its versaility and easy makes it the perfect kitchen cleaning companion! In between uses, rinse with warm water and hang dry, and machine wash in hot water weekly. Like you, we think cleaning should be pure and simple. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough.

1 Kitchen Dynamo

66% polyester, 23% polyamide, 11% polypropylene

6.5in x 3.5in

SKU: 10654
E-Cloth Kitchen Dynamo

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