FITT presents an innovative technology that guarantees high resistance to various stresses combined with exceptional lightness. With FITT's proprietary technology, double NTS PLUS mesh reinforcement, our hose offers even greater strength and performance insuring constant flow by preventing kinks, tangles and twists. Thanks to highly advanced materials, the product is extremely compact and easy to use even in the most extreme conditions. HD tech guarantees high resistance to abrasion and puncture. The use of thermoplastic elastomer Santoprene TPV from ExxonMobil combined with the ultra-light technology patented by Fitt, gives our hose ultimate handling and flexibility. The result is an ultra-lightweight, compact design with superior abrasion and puncture resistance characteristics. Unlike conventional hoses, our hose stays flexible and reliable in extreme cold down to minus 4°F. Professionals in the construction, farming and institutional industries will find that the FITT FORCE PRO will be the last hose they'll ever need.

• 2X lighter and 3X more compact than conventional hoses
• Crush proof aluminum repairable couplings
• Completely kink and tangle free, easy to manage
• Commercial grade hose for the toughest, professional job, but yet lightweight and uniquely suited for the home owner

SKU: 741083
Fitt Force Pro Hose

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