Adding a seed try to a bird feeder helps to get the most out of feeding wild birds. The 7.5 in. A-6 Seed Tray saves spilled seed, while also helping to attract a larger variety of birds. Adding a seed tray turns a tubular bird feeder into a platform feeder that will attract more species, like ground-feeding birds. Its UV-stabilized polycarbonate construction is dependably durable. The tray attaches with the included threaded black plug – no tools needed! This tray fits Droll Yankees’ Classic, New Generation®, Ring Pull, and Bird Lovers® feeders.

• 7.5″ platform attracts a wide variety of birds, including ground feeders like Cardinals
• Catches spilled seed and saves money!
• Fits Droll Yankees’ Classic, New Generation, Ring Pull, and Bird Lovers feeders
• No tools needed – connect the A-6 Seed Tray to the feeder base with the included threaded black plug
• UV-stabilized polycarbonate to protect against the sun’s damaging rays
• To add another feeder beneath, replace the threaded black plug with a Suet Link or Wing Nut
• To pole-mount, attach a Pole Adapter to the A-6 Seed Tray and insert the adapter stem into a 1″ diameter pole

New Generation Seed Tray

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