Phalaenopsis are commonly called ‘moth’ orchids. Native to India, southern China and Southeast Asia, these popular houseplants have delicate flowers on tall stems that hover above paddle-like, leathery green leaves. Buds and flowers can last up to four months. 

*Please note that the color and shade of the flower will vary based on availability.

In the home, Phalaenopsis prefer an east or west window but will grow and flower on any moderately bright windowsill. Filtered light is best, as direct sun can quickly burn the soft foliage. Extremes in appearance of the foliage (too yellow and hard or too green and soft) are easily noticed clues when determining the best location for your plant. The foliage should be a medium green and medium hard.
Phalaenopsis prefer a day temperature of 75 degrees or more and nighttime temperatures of 60-65 degrees. If their windowsills become too hot during the day, a light, linen curtain will provide adequate shade to reduce the temperature.
Water about once every 7-10 days depending on potting mix mixture and air circulation. (Pine bark mixtures dry out more quickly than those mixes with only sphagnum moss.) Do not use so much water that it comes running out the bottom of the pot. Watering is best performed earlier in the day to allow foliage to become dry by nightfall.

Phalaenopsis Orchid 6" Purple

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