SuperMoss Moss Mix is a collection of best selling mosses so you can mix and match, experiment with new styles, and get a feel for the different types of these premium quality mosses. This Moss Mix is like a bento box of the following mosses and lichens: Spanish Moss in Grass Green, Reindeer Moss in Chartreuse, Sheet Moss, and Lichen Parmelia with tufts of Fuschia Reindeer Moss in the center! All included mosses and lichens are in their natural form.

• Long-lasting preserved moss!
• Add natural botanical elements to any arrangement, centerpiece, or space in the house
• Washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles
• Ideal for covering soil and dressing potted plants
• Great for special events, home decor, and craft projects

SKU: FOU23310
SuperMoss Preserved Moss Mix

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